New Ezra Miller expose details an actor losing touch with reality & continuing to spiral out of control


The curious case of Ezra Miller seemed to hit the pause button recently, but today it’s back out in full force. A new expose on the actor has been released, and it details an actor genuinely losing touch with reality and continuing to spiral out of control.

According to Insider, over the past six months, Ezra Miller has been driving around the US carrying at least one gun and wearing a bulletproof vest. The Flash actor grown paranoid about being followed by the FBI and the Ku Klux Klan. Wearing the bulletproof vest is described as “A fashionable safety measure in response to actual attacks and received death threats.” Miller also apparently feels under the radar of the Ku Klux Klan because the actor posted a video back in January threatening them.

While it seems like Ezra Miller is losing actor supporters quickly, Insider says that several people close to the actor are worried about Miller’s mental state and are concerned that the has lost touch with reality. The friends can’t determine if the pressures of fame have broken the actor or if it’s simply because no one is checking in on Miller’s behaviour.

One telling statement that is the most alarming, if determined to be accurate, is Warner Bros. and Miller’s family’s role in all of this. If you have the lead of your potential blockbuster tentpole release going off the rails, you might want to do SOMETHING to intervene. The studio was not only in league with Miller on The Flash and DCEU universe films, but they also were involved with the actor on the Fantastic Beasts franchises According to Insider, executives at Warner Bros. have done very little to get Miller help. This is also allegedly true of Miller’s parents as well. In the case of Miller’s parents, they could be at a loss about what to do, but Warner Bros. The alleged lack of movement is even more disappointing because they’ve been virtually silent about everything that has been going on with the actor. As Miller gained more and more headlines for troubling behavior, the studio has let this all play out in the media without a formal statement, at least acknowledging that they’re aware of what’s happening. At this point, their silence is deafening.

What are your thoughts on the current state of Ezra Miller?

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