McDonald’s worker shot in cold fries dispute dies

Michael Morgan, 20, is accused of shooting the worker after his mom was served cold fries and laughed at.


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The McDonald’s employee shot in a dispute over cold fries died early Friday and the accused shooter is expected to be charged with murder.

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Cops say that 23-year-old Matthew Webb “succumbed to his injuries” four days after being shot Monday outside the McDonald’s where he worked in Brooklyn.

A customer took umbrage that her French fries were allegedly cold and called her career-criminal son when she believed staff were disrespecting her.

He came armed with a gun and allegedly shot Webb in the neck. The incident is now “deemed a homicide” and “the investigation remains ongoing.”

Accused cold fries gunman Michael Morgan has now been charged with another murder.
Accused cold fries gunman Michael Morgan has now been charged with another murder. Photo by SCREENGRAB /ABC NEW YORK

Michael Morgan, 20, had initially been hit with attempted murder and gun charges. Those charges are expected to be upgraded.

The tragedy began unfolding when Morgan’s mother, Lisa Fulmore, complained that her fries were cold. She wanted to speak to a manager but the workers allegedly began laughing.

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So, she called her son, who rushed to McDonald’s and got into a fight with Webb. The brouhaha spilled outside the outlet.

Morgan allegedly punched Webb in the face. Cops say that when Webb got up off the ground, Morgan pulled the pistol and shot the McDonald’s worker in the neck.

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The response from Morgan’s family has been solidly on his side.

Fulmore told detectives that her son told her: “He gotta do what he gotta do.”

His girlfriend, Camellia Dunlap, 18, faces weapons charges for allegedly giving the murder weapon to Morgan. She is being held on a $50,000 bail.

The accused cold fries shooter has also been accused of committing another murder in October 2021. Morgan allegedly told homicide detectives he was responsible for the murder of Kevin Holloman.


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