Kim Kardashian bashed over latest stomach tightening procedure: ‘Ugly visual’

Kim Kardashian received backlash for undergoing a “painful” laser procedure to tighten her stomach.

The reality TV star showed off her red taut tummy on her Instagram stories on Wednesday while dubbing the treatment a “game changer.”

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However, The Kardashians star, 41, attracted criticism as people called her out for “being unhappy under her own skin.”

“Stomach Tightening?? Really Kim? Telling the world, those youngsters that it’s painful but worth it.. Your Motive, What is it? This is an ugly Visual,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another added, “Jesus what they (expletive) do. Thinking it makes them look better. I feel bad for them, to be that unhappy in their own skin.”

“How stupid can you be to do this to your body?” one user wrote as another penned, “Let’s see what else we can do to our bodies and faces? So vain.”

“I thought it was all the hard exercising that you were bragging about … Truth comes out but you must be getting paid to advertise this laser treatment,” another chimed in.

Previously, Kardashian came under fire for bragging her weight loss to fit into the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress for this year’s Met Gala.

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