Kevin Nash On What He Thinks The Biggest Raw Change Is Under Triple H

Last night’s WWE Raw felt like a different show under Triple H, and Kevin Nash has an idea of ​​one big reason why. As you know, Triple H is now in control of WWE’s creative following Vince McMahon’s retirement and Nash discussed one of the big changes in terms of the show’s production he expects is the case on the latest episode of Kliq This for Ad Free Shows — namely, the shows being written and ready on time.

“Vince will f**king not have the show done,” WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash said (per Wrestling Inc). “I remember when I was working with CM Punk and Phil and I would just be sitting there and of course, it didn’t affect me because they gave me no f**king verbiage… They wanted the basic bullets and we just look at each other and the pyro is starting and we don’t even have, ‘I’ll see you out there.’”

He continued, “I think right one thing, one thing guaranteed that happened this Monday was that it was, you know, people knew probably by 5:00 people had a concrete idea exactly what was going to f*cking happen in the Garden. ”

Monday’s episode was the second with Triple H in control but was largely viewed as the first with his complete vision, coming off of SummerSlam. WWE shows under McMahon were constantly reported as being rewritten at the last minute, all the way up to (and sometimes after) the show began.

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