Kevin Hart Named The Rock’s Worst Movie, And He’s Got A Point

It’s become quite apparent in the last decade that Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have become close friends. The two men first had the chance to work together on the 2016 comedy Central Intelligenceand since then they have made four more movies together (including the animated DC League Of Super-Pets, which just hit theaters this past weekend). They clearly enjoy spending time together (even when they’re trolling online) – but real friendship requires real honesty, which is why it is not super surprising to hear Hart get real about what he thinks is Johnson’s worst movie.

Kevin Hart was recently a guest on the Bravo talk show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and he was asked a number of very direct questions as part of a segment called “Plead the Fifth.” The very first one that host Andy Cohen asked was, “What is the worst movie that The Rock has starred in?” And while Hart let out a laugh, he was ultimately very quick with his response and didn’t hem and haw at all:

The Tooth Fairy.


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