Hutchinson Automotive and Glass expands its services

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Hutchinson Automotive and Glass has expanded its services.

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Mark Hutchinson, owner of Hutchinson Automotive and Glass, says since mid-July he and his wife Pam have added to the services they provide.

Hutchinson Automotive and Glass recently bought Reinhardt Autoglass from Dean Reinhardt when he retired July 1.

“It made perfect sense (to acquire Reinhardt Autoglass) with everything else that we here at the shop,” says Hutchinson. “About the only thing we didn’t do was windshields. So, why not bring that in. I thought it would be a really good fit to the services we have and try to make this a one-stop-shop.”

Hutchinson moved the autoglass operation to Hutchinson Automotive and Glass at 21 Perini Road in Elliot Lake.

He says while he has installed a few windshields in the past, when Dean Reinhardt sold him the business and he stayed on for a time to help with the transition. Reinhardt had been in the autoglass business for nearly 50 years.

In addition, Hutchinson hired Scott Reinhardt, who worked for his older brother in the autoglass business for 25 years.

Hutchinson Automotive and Glass have three full-time employees.

The original part of the former Hutchinson Restoration, now Hutchinson Automotive and Glass, was detailing and restoration.

Hutchinson Automotive still does detailing of cars, trucks and motorcycles.

They also install spray-in bed liners for trucks, apply ceramic coating, minor body work and stone chip repairs.

“I still do restoration of old vehicles, and the classics.

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“I specialize as well in aftermarket parts and accessories – and install. So, if someone needs a lift kit, a tunnel cover, mud flaps, running boards or anything like that. We’re a dealer-supplier for that.”

He and his wife Pam do this work.

“She is actually our primary detailer, she’s amazing at that. She also helps out with the polishing, ceramic coating, and she’s been learning the windshield business as well. But she also deals with the majority of the phone calls.”

He also works on motorcycles.

“When it comes to motorcycles, it’s basically restorations.”

While he loves doing mechanical work on motorcycles, “it’s my hobby, and I’m going to leave that as a hobby. The perfect way to ruin a hobby is to turn it into a job.”

Hutchinson Automotive and Glass does not do service work such as lube, oil, filters or other mechanical work to vehicles.

“I’ll always tinker with motorcycles, but I’ve been staying away from service work on anything. There are a lot of really good shops in town, and we get a lot of referral work from other shops on the cosmetic side of things that they don’t do.”

He says his aim in business is to offer something that no one else in the city does.

Hutchinson is also the distributor and master trainer for Nanopro Canada.

Nanopro produces a ceramic protective coating that is applied on paint to protect it.

“It’s essentially like adding another layer of clear to the vehicle. We can apply that to any type of vehicle.”

It can be used on new or used vehicles.

Hutchinson says they have come a long way in four years, from part-time to full-time to expanding the business nationally with Nanopro Canada, and now added autoglass.

“And we’ve done it all during a pandemic.”

He there are a number of detailing shops across the country that are trained and licensed to use Nanopro products.

While the phone number of Hutchinson Automotive and Glass as well as Nanopro Canada is 705-261-2603, anyone dialing Reinhardt Autoglass 705-461-7997 the call will be forwarded to Hutchinson Automotive and Glass for a period of time.

Photo by KEVIN McSHEFFREYPam and Mark Hutchinson, of Hutchinson Automotive and Glass, specialize in vehicle detailing. However, the recently added windshield installations to their list of services.

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