Ben Affleck And JLo Only Paid 75 Bucks For Their Wedding, But Took Care Of The Pastor Later

While the schedule of 2022 movie releases Includes two separate movies involving Jennifer Lopez and weddings, it’s the real deal that still has people talking. Her recent marriage to Ben Affleck has been the source of all sorts of stories and reactions to the event itself, with pastor Ryan Wolfe being another party that’s seen some of that limelight. In a recent interview, the popular preacher explained how Affleck and Lopez only paid $75 for their wedding, while also taking care of him on the side.

Speaking with Producer Eddie from The Bobby Bones Show, the employee of The Little White Chapel was asked if he was tempted to jack up the rates. Considering it’s Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting married, the temptation was definitely there. Though as he explained, Ryan Wolfe only gave them the standard rate; while getting an unspecified but tidy tip:

I wish, man. I’d love to do that. We just have a regular base price. They paid $75 for the chapel, and then they took care of me at the end, gave me a tip. … I’ll tell you this, it was less than a few thousand.


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