10 AMAZING Destinations for Budget Travel in 2022

The first country on our list is Indonesia


With white sandy beaches, world-class surfing, some of the best scuba diving in the world, and breathtaking views of the jungle and rice paddies, Indonesia is without a doubt one of our favorite countries on earth, and as cheap as us.
The archipelago is known as one of the top three diving destinations in the world, and while you think most room rates include full board and snorkeling, there are relatively inexpensive accommodation options. Even if you are on a budget, if you have the time, don’t miss Raja Ampat
Indonesia is currently one of the cheapest countries we know.
You can earn 14,000 rupees per dollar, about 2,000 rupees more than in 2018. Seven years ago, the rate was only 9,050 rupees per dollar.

The cheapest countries to visit Indonesia


As I said in the opening paragraphs of this article, Indonesia offers incredible value in terms of accommodation, food, and transportation. Here you can get nice rooms, usually pool villas, for $20 a night.
For $3 you can get delicious seafood feasts and millennial classics like mashed potatoes, and rent a motorbike here for a few bucks a day (cars are around $15 a day).
The only thing that doesn’t have much value is alcohol. Indonesia imposes a high tax on imported alcoholic beverages, so a bottle of low-quality imported wine can cost around $20, while local wine to drink still costs $13-15.
Bintang beer is nothing to write home about, but for around $1.50 to $3 at a beach bar or restaurant, imported beer is about double that.
Indonesia is one of the cheapest places to travel
Enjoy the sunset and corn on the cob from a street vendor in Bali
Of all the countries we have visited and tracked on our budgets, Indonesia is definitely one of the top 3 value for money and it couldn’t be more true that the dollar is stronger / the rupiah is weaker.


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